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Repeatedly recognized as Newsweek’s best treatment center in California, they offer highly personalized, non-12-Step care using evidence-based and holistic approaches…. A luxurious private campus in the mountains treating addiction and mental health with individualized care and specialized tracks for executives, veterans, and more…. If you or your loved one is suffering from a substance abuse disorder involving drugs and/or alcohol, Greenleaf has a program to help you understand and treat your addiction. When that happens, it’s time to seek help to overcome this chemical dependency. A chemical dependency is simply another way to say addiction, but they’re both essentially referring to the same challenges a person deals with when they’ve been consuming drugs or alcohol for any length of time. Casa Recovery provides intensive wellness programs for trauma, mental health and addiction in Southern California….

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To inspire hope and contribute to the positive health and well-being of our guests by providing the best levels of care. Family problems may begin developing, the person’s financial situation can be dramatically altered, their work could be at risk, friends may begin ignoring phone calls from that person, and much more. Transitional housing is temporary housing for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing. OCD is characterized by intrusive and distressing thoughts that drive repetitive behaviors. Symptoms of depression may include fatigue, a sense of numbness, and loss of interest in activities. A combination of scientifically rooted therapies and treatments make up evidence-based care, defined by their measured and proven results.

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A chemical dependency occurs when an individual can’t or won’t refrain from ingesting or injecting some type of chemical into their body. Surrounded by mountain views, Mountain Springs Recovery offers a variety of treatment approaches and plans tailored to the individual…. Personalized addiction treatment with tailored programs, equine therapy, acupuncture, massage, and up-scale amenities….

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  1. The expert staff at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is highly experienced in helping adolescents and adults achieve lasting recovery from addiction and various mental health concerns.
  2. Clients engaged in our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs typically stay in treatment for 2-4 weeks, depending on the specific needs of the individual.
  3. We also encourage our adult psychiatric clients to engage in individual and family counseling to best help them begin to heal.
  4. Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is the leading behavioral health and addiction treatment center in southern Georgia.
  5. Individual care meets the needs of each patient, using personalized treatment to provide them the most relevant care and greatest chance of success.

We also provide a detailed discharge plan for every patient to ensure that they have the resources they need to continue their progress long after their time with us. Greenleaf Behavioral Health offers a leading inpatient treatment programs for individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. Located in Valdosta, GA, Greenleaf Hope House Boston Review Boston Review provides the tools needed for lasting recovery. Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is a 113-bed behavioral health and substance abuse treatment hospital located in the heart of South Georgia. Greenleaf Behavioral Health offers leading treatment programs for adults, teens & adolescents struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Greenleaf accepts private and public insurances and is Joint Commission accredited. The adult substance abuse track helps clients who are facing chemical dependency concerns. Within this treatment track, clients will be challenged to face the reality of their drug or alcohol addictions, setting the stage for lasting sobriety. We work hard to help our clients identify the underlying causes that may have led to the development of their addictions, and help them learn the skills needed to successfully lead a life of sobriety. Additionally, at Greenleaf, we hold both Alcoholic Anonymous (A.A.) and Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) groups that our clients are encouraged to participate in.

This website is a directory and referral service for the addiction rehab industry. Do not use any information on this website as official medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The National Alliance on Mental Illness is also a valuable resource for information. This can provide these family members and friends a good foundation to better understand just what their loved one may be going through, both emotionally and physically. Some traumatic events are so disturbing that they cause long-term mental health problems. If this feeling interferes with your relationships and daily functioning, treatment can help.

Agitation, muscle ticks, psychosis, and heart issues are common symptoms of cocaine abuse. If you crave a medication, or regularly take it more than directed, you may have an addiction. Patient and therapist meet 1-on-1 to work through difficult emotions and behavioral challenges in a personal, private setting. Cigna’s unique history traces back to 1792, but today they offer services to 190 million customers in 30 different countries across the globe.

We make sure to meet clients where they are in their mental, behavioral, or psychiatric struggles, and guide them down a path of recovery. Our primary goal at Greenleaf is to provide valuable care and thorough treatment. Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is a 113-bed hospital that is dedicated to providing high-quality care for adults and adolescents who are suffering from mental health concerns and chemical dependency issues. Our adult inpatient psychiatric program focuses upon establishing healthy coping skills to teach our clients ways to effectively handle the stresses that contributed to their need for hospitalization. Greenleaf employs licensed clinical staff who provide group-oriented therapy to help clients learn how to process their emotions, develop coping mechanisms, and challenge negative thought patterns. We also encourage our adult psychiatric clients to engage in individual and family counseling to best help them begin to heal.

Using alcohol as a coping mechanism, or drinking excessively throughout the week, signals an alcohol use disorder. To learn more about Foundations Recovery Residence, or for answers to any questions that you may have about any aspect of treatment at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. As noted in the previous section, Foundations Recovery Residence is designed to support men in early recovery and help them integrate the lessons and guidance of the 12-Step recovery model into their everyday lives. Call one of our admissions counselors today for a free, confidential screening to see how Greenleaf can help you or a loved one get back on track.

The program concentrates on ensuring that each client builds a solid foundation that prepares the environment for a successful recovery. Depending on the individual’s needs, clients in our intense outpatient and Day Treatments often get therapy for 2-4 weeks. Acadia Healthcare’s behavioral health treatment facilities specialize in helping children, adolescents, adults, and seniors who are suffering from mental health concerns and/or drug and alcohol addiction. With a focus on quality clinical programs and customer service, Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital strives to be the preferred psychiatric treatment provider in Georgia. Our treatment team includes board-certified psychiatrists, therapists and support staff that come from a variety of clinical disciplines.

During individual therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with your counsellor on a personal basis. During these sessions, you’ll have the chance to discuss any topic you want with your counselor, safe in the assumption that any information you provide will not be shared with anyone else. During individual therapy, we want you to feel open sharing, so we are sure to provide you with the confidence that any details you share will be kept private. Private insurance, private-pay only center treating addiction and co-occurring mental health with personalized evidence-based care and a non-12-Step approach…. The H.E.R.O. program at Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is an inpatient track for active-duty service personnel and veterans who are dealing with trauma-related issues. The specialist treatment services that professionals require to begin living the lives they deserve are provided by their hospital in Valdosta, Georgia.

Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital is the premier treatment program in southern Georgia for men, women, and children who are suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental or behavioral health concerns. Clients engaged in our partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient programs typically stay in treatment for 2-4 weeks, depending on the specific needs of the individual. An upscale home offering flexible mental health and addiction treatment programs, wholly catered to clients and their needs…. Our inpatient treatment programs are for adolescents (ages 12-17) and adults who are a danger to themselves or others and require intensive observation and stabilization. We focus on making sure each client creates a strong foundation that sets the stage for successful recovery. is an independent organization that simplifies finding the best mental health and addiction treatment.

At Greenleaf Behavioral Health Hospital, we help our patients build a foundation for successful long-term recovery. We are providing individual counseling appointments through in-person sessions and we are continuing to offer Telehealth therapy if your insurance plan offers it. Telehealth enables our clinicians to provide HIPAA compliant services to our clients over the phone, so you don’t have to come into the office. Your clinician will call you during your scheduled appointment time at your preferred number. Teenagers (ages 12 to 17) and adults who pose a risk to themselves or others and need intense supervision and stabilization are eligible for Greenleaf’s inpatient treatment programs.

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